What is Dreamscaped?Edit

Hello, I am Automatronic Voice Responder, AVA, and I will talk to you about the Dreamscape. The Dreamscape is a world of endless possibilities. But what is it exactly? At night when everyone closes their eyes and drifts to sleep your mind "uploads" itself into the Dreamscape. The Dreamscape itself is different for everyone, but it's concept is universal.

There are three sections of the Dreamscape; Dreams, Nightmares, and Amnesia. A Dream can range from good dreams to boring dreams and these are the dreams you remember. Nightmares range from slightly creepy dreams to petrifying and are also remembered. Amnesia dreams may sound scary but like the word Amnesia all the dreams you forget are put into this section.

When you first enter the Dreamscape for the night you are presented with many gateways that I, AVA the gates keeper, switch out every time you fall asleep to give variety to your dreams. Just a little hint, the brighter and more happy a gateway is the more likely it's a Nightmare, and the older, grayer, and dilapidated the better dream it will be. Why? That's simple, Nightmares don't use any good energy so their doors are nice and bright, while the better a dream is the worse the gateway looks. So if you see a door that's not even a proper door anymore- surrounded in cob webs, half broken -it's probably the best dream you'll ever see.

Furthermore, to sum this all up in a simple sentence the Dreamscape is the world of dreams.

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